A Murder Mystery

What makes a good death? Death is one of those things that we as a culture are least prepared for, and murder even more so! In this Sunday’s passage (Acts 7:54-60), we are given the account of Stephen’s murder at the hands of the Sanhedrin court turned angry mob. Last week we saw how Stephen boldly proclaimed Jesus—His dangerous God that was too much for His listeners. Their response: stone him to death!

This week we’ll examine a text that is surprising, puzzling, and somewhat enigmatic as Luke intentionally goes out of his way to include specific details regarding the mysterious murder of the first martyr of the Early Church.

When we look closely at Stephen’s death, we can learn something about how he lived. In addition, we will see that he was a man full of the Holy Spirit, and one fruit of the Spirit is peace (Galatians 5:22). How in the world did Stephen have peace during his extremely shocking murder? How can we have peace amidst our seasons of stress and anxiety?

In addition, this Sunday is Youth Sunday, meaning that many of our 6th-12th graders will have roles to play in the service. May we continue to celebrate and support our youth and work at connecting, growing, and serving together as an intergenerational church family.

Excited to share this Sunday,
Pastor Andrew


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