A Gift of Hope

For many of us Christmas is a time to empty out our Amazon shopping carts. It’s that time to shop and fill our lives or the lives of others with stuff. But we all know the feeling of getting all we wished for and still feeling empty, don’t we? It’s a disappointing feeling. If we’re being honest, we often end the Christmas season by either returning our purchases in exchange for something else or re-gifting! Truth be told, if all our wishes came true and Jesus was not LORD of our desires, then we’d still be empty.

In this series, I will be giving five messages on what God meant to bring us when the eternal Son of God became a baby in a manger. We will take a close look at the drama of God living among people—bringing us hope, light, joy, peace, forgiveness and friendship for every day of the year and for the rest of our lives.

If we truly understand Christmas, we will no longer put our hope in earthly things. God’s hope for us is that we hope in him. His gift should liberate us, delight us, and fill us. God send Jesus to justify us (Romans 5:16) and radically redefine our reason for being alive–He came to bring us hope! Is hope what you're praying for this Christmas? Click To Tweet Mark you, this is not wishful thinking; true hope is the best kind of assurance because it rests on God Himself!

God sent Jesus to give you hope! Don’t let it slip away this year! 

Pastor Briant


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